NHS Worker Mug

NHS Worker Mug

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This NHS Worker superhero mug is one of the Super Power range of our thank you mugs now available to purchase and are the perfect thank you gift to send to a loved one.

This NHS worker mug is a perfect Thank You gift for those special keyworkers in the NHS.

Mug size - 10oz

Our premium grade mugs hold 10 fluid ounces and measure 90mm height x 80mm diameter. 
The mugs are coated in a dishwasher proof hardened coating, making them dishwasher proof without the worry of the design peeling off.

*How to care for your mug*
Mugs can be hand washed and are also dishwasher proof.

Please note It is recommended that you wash mugs on the top level of the dishwasher and always use the ‘normal’ setting.